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This past week has been incredibly amazing. Not to mention I already have lots of reading to do, and that I prolly won't get to read any non educational books for a while...NOT that I read much anyway.

University life. What can I say? Sorority Girls anyone? Although the interest and curiousity has gotten the best of my attention, I am wondering what it's all about. I'm trying to take bold steps and just being out there. I feel this year is the point in my life where I am on the right path for once, I feel truly...emancipated. I only wished I had gotten here sooner...but I guess I had to go through what I went through in order to succeed where I am now successfully. I have been asked to beer parties and only to find myself turning it down because I have class. I suck. Give it two weeks till I break! I know right now I just need to be free and really figure out who I am, and where do I fit in. I'm scared of rejection, I fear it the most. But I suppose we have to take chances, right? It's all about taking risks.

Oh. Mariah and her sexy posse rocks.
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